Saturday, September 08, 2007

Milly and Tilly

If your library has this book, make sure you check it out! ~Milly and Tilly, The Story of a Town Mouse and a Country Mouse by Kate Summers and illustrated by Maggie Kneen

One of the benefits of having children is it gives you a very valid excuse to read lots of pictures books! I think I enjoy them more everyday! This one is a real treat. We've always enjoyed this story but this particular book has splendid illustrations. It speaks to me as a homemaker. The order and simplicity of the country mouse's day is refreshing! It inspires me to keep plugging away toward my dream of a "simple life".

Friday, September 07, 2007

So Big

First Day of Karate

Kiersten has waited for this day for a long time! Private karate lessons began this week! Watch out everyone! :)

A Good Door

Don't you just love this door. I pronounce it, "Good" ~ not that my opinion matters a whole lot but I took a picture for two reasons. 1. I just like it, plain and simple. 2. If we ever build a house, I wanted Tim to have a picture of one of my favorite doors. You never know!

This is the front door to the house that Rose Wilder built for her parents, Laura and Almanzo. The house is quite charming. And in 1928, she built it for $11,000, a hefty little sum in that day and in that part of Missouri!

I like this house but there is something extra special about the house that Laura and Almanzo built with their own hands. It only took them 17 years. See....maybe in 17 years we'll have our house, too! :)


We love homemade bread of any kind! My kid's love to bake and cook. This week the boys both made their own loaf of bread. Nathan's is 100% whole wheat and Micah's is 1/3 whole wheat with the other flour being unbleached white flour.

Can't the simple things of life be some of the best?! Actually, I think it usually works out that way!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Don't you just love this! I do!!!

Councilman pitches plan for goats to be pets in Seattle {King5}

SEATTLE - City Councilman Richard Conlin wants to give Seattleites the right to keep miniature goats as pets -- a proposal he bills as one small step for sustainability.

Conlin extols the virtues of pygmy goats, which can act as Earth-friendly lawnmowers and weed eaters, provide milk and cheese, and naturally fertilize yards.

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First making urban chickens lawful, now goats? That's a city on the right path. YEAH!

(Thanks to Path to Freedom for all of their wonderful news tidbits!)