Friday, October 30, 2009

Food Budget Inspiration

I'm simply out perusing blogs trying to find some new ideas and motivation to keep the grocery budget in check. I thought I'd share them with anyone who might be reading here. And this post will serve as a reference for me.

I enter a state of shock every time I walk into a grocery store. I guess its just my personality. I never get over it. I'm sorely missing my garden vegetables! I didn't realize how much they were saving me. Which reminds me, I need to get out there and plant a bunch of garlic.

30 Bucks a Week This lady appears to be an excellent cook. I'm not seeing any "cheap" food here, lots of interest and variety using whole foods.

I like her cookbook list which features books by Mark Bittman and Alice Waters.

Sugar Crafter I'll show this to my husband and I'll just bet I'll be getting a Pumpkin Spice Latte! Sounds so yum!

TasteSpotting Just another new-to-me food blog. So many options!

Seven Spoons Oh, so many good looking recipes and cookbooks! The chutney looks incredibly scrumptious and the brussel sprouts call my name.

While browsing around I ran into a lot of articles that I remember reading a few years back about the Food Stamp Challenge. Basicly, people spent a dollar a meal per person. Even politicians gave this a try. Actually, this is quite standard in our home. This is my goal. I know other moms who spend less than this. I was visiting with one just yesterday. She has 3 times the children I do (Yes, that's 12 children that she is blessed with!) and she was sharing some of her techniques for staying within a budget.

After my little tour I have new inspiration. I'll continue to cook real food on a budget, always trying new recipes and using what is available to us at the time. I'm off to enjoy a hot cup of tea while I read aloud. Maybe a latte this weekend.....

Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Charm of Simple Things

A sweet friend game me this book. She's the kind of friend you can never out give. She is constantly doing so much that it is impossible to "pay her back". She's a mentor to me, a real live mentor. What a blessing! In my homeschooling journey most of my mentors have been online friendships. Women, who I've never met, except at my keyboard, who have taken the time to invest in my life. I'll be forever grateful to those few who have shared their wisdom with me. And now God has blessed me with an "older woman" to encourage, admonish, and, yes, correct me!

My mom has always been there for me. I can't even begin to describe all the ways she has invested in my life. And I realize more every day the heritage that I have been given. It's in me. It's who I am, because of all the hours that she and my dad spent with me. It comes from the home she built for us, the food we cooked together, the clothes she sewed for us, the games we played together. And the list goes on and on. Some things are just part of my fiber. I don't remember learning them. But now I have friends who are learning these things as adults, I don't mean cooking and cleaning, I mean all the lessons my mom taught me as we were cooking, cleaning and playing, just going about our every day lives. And then I realize so much has been given to me by my parents. The life we lived together was a simple life! And I'm so glad.

I found several quotes in book The Charm of Simple Things that I want to take note of.

"You will be surprised by how much of an adventure can enter into ordinary things."
Laura Ingalls Wilder

"Most of us, if we are honest with ourselves, will admit that we live too fast, too erratically, too crudely, and too thoughtlessly. The remedy or antidote for all of this is to live gently."
W. Phillip Keller
Taming Tension

"Simplicity is not just another interior design option. It is also one of the great expressions of Christian faith. Simplicity is devoting our lives to one thing and one thing only--to loving the Lord our God with our whole being and our neighbors as ourselves."
Harriet Crosby
A Place Called Home

Friday, October 16, 2009

Zeke was washing up some dishes tonight, greatly enjoying himself. For some reason when you are little bubbles and water is enough to make doing dishes a delight! He was kind of talking to himself and I could hear in the next room. "You know how long this is going to take me? Years to get this done, all done."
Hmmm...that's how I feel some days. :)

I realize the picture has nothing to do with my post, but I like it anyway.