Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Happy Homeschoolers

picture taken by Kiersten

Reasons my kids are glad we homeschool (directly from them):

We get to be with one or both of our parents all day.

If something cool is happening outside we can go watch it.

When you are done with your first subject, we can go right on to our second subject without waiting on anyone else.

If there is a book we want to read, we can.

We can eat whenever we want. (Missy, my kids were horrified to hear your children ate at 10 something at school and then had to go so long before eating again.) :)

If we like airplanes, we can learn all subjects through that: geography, spelling, history, science, math, writing, reading, etc. We won't get tired of this because it's really what we want to do.

My mom and dad aren't too strict.

We get to be with our little brother and play with him.

Mom can tell us what she wants us to hear.

I get to pick flowers outside while on my breaks.

We get to have nature collections.

We can play outside lots.

We can build models.

We can do science projects out of different books.

We can bake because mom thinks that's part of school.

It's fun.

We can have tea parties.

We can have friends over during the daytime.

We get to go to book sales and the fair.

We own hundreds of books.

We read hundreds of books.

We can wear whatever we want.

We can sing when we want to.

We can read the Bible when we want to.

We can praise God during school.

We can have our Grandma over when we're having school.

We can play with our horses and dog during the day.

Monday, August 18, 2008

One Hundred Push Ups

Nope. I can't do it. Not yet. But I'm on a plan to be able to in just six weeks! Want to join me?! I thought I'd share the link to the plan I'm following in case there are others who are interested. I know I need a bit of motivation. A simple plan will help, too!

Here the link:
Push Ups