Thursday, March 04, 2010


What a blessing it is every Wednesday evening to set aside time to pray!  I love partnering with another as we focus in on God and the needs of others. True fellowship can take place, not that it always does but it can.  Last night I was blessed when that happened.  There were tears, burdens were shared and then we lifted those people, burdens, and situations up to the Father.

The short Bible study that followed was uplifting to my heart, also!  Here are a few quotes that I jotted into my journal.  I have lots of notes on the word study that we did, too, but I'll just keep it brief.   I love word studies and look forward to continuing this study on Wednesday evenings in the future.

 Everyone is a teacher. 

A teacher affects eternity. 

He can never tell where his influence stops. 

Teaching is a partnership with God, working with the Creator of the Universe!