Wednesday, November 05, 2008


My baby turned 3 yesterday. There was much celebrating!
He "loves" his new bike, all shiny and red, and, of course, equipped with a horn!

I wrote the following to a dear friend this morning:

God is on His throne! Kiss your babies; love your husband; and worship God freely and openly!!! We still can do all these things as we see fit. I plan to "live it up"!!! :) I do grieve, as I have for weeks now. But I'm also choosing to look at this with eyes of faith, not that all will be just fine. How could it? Or why would it be? But I do not God has a perfect plan and will for my life. He also holds the nations in his hands and appoints and puts down rulers. My desire is to be strong enough (and my children strong enough) to withstand anything that may come in our path. Strong enough to be what God wants me to be.'s back to the daily habits, the habits that will build character in our lives. The simple things.

Not too long after I sent this off to her I read this post written by Lady Lydia.

Although our position in the home as mother or father or child is not voted on, we do cast a vote daily in this kingdom. We vote for strong marriages by our loyalty. We vote for good children by the way we train them. We vote for a future government in our land by the what we allow our children to be taught. If we turn them over to someone else, who does not have the same values as we do, to train their thinking, their judgement and their knowledge, our children will grow up and vote for things that will tear down the kingdom of the home. If we take the responsibility to teach them ourselves, they will stand by the old paths, where is the good walk, that will bring peace to our little kingdoms of the home.

Such wise words. What comfort, freedom and liberty this gives me, if I choose to live in this fashion. And I have chosen that. Oh, I get off track, but there is always rest and peace found when I come back to just living a simple life, enjoying the daily tasks that make up my life.

These wonderful thoughts by Anne at Holy Experience have been an inspiration to me. And I know them to be so very true in my life.

There’s a time for everything under heaven. And that is the time we need. A certain time for everything, a steady beat to our days.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow. To the rituals we are establishing. To the beauty the new day will hold. To the peace and joy of living in this little "kingdom" God has given me right her on this earth as I await my Heavenly home.


Farrah said...

Happy Belated birthday to your son! I really admire Lady Lydia and her efforts to help us stay at home mothers.
Blessings for your day1

BessieJoy said...

Thanks, Farrah!

KatheeMarie said...

These thoughts are beautiful...thank you for sharing! I too am going to "live it up" as my husband and I venture beyond 31 years of marriage.
Blessings to you,

Storybook Woods said...

Wonderful post. I can be hard to remeber God is bigger then what we see. Love Clarice