Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Her Angel

A little angel today did leave her
The little angel her body held
In this flesh, she'll not hold him
Yet he's held by the One who's holding her.

O sweet Jesus, come and bless her
Giver her body grace to heal
May her Spirit soar to meet you
That her heart may know your rest.

My dear friend lost her baby today. She called only minutes after I was rejoicing with my little brother....he and his wife were leaving for the hospital, a new baby to welcome. I cried. With both phone calls. I'm amazed at the intense emotions my spirit can experience. Oh, how I long to be miles from here to welcome my little niece, Kailee Grace into this world, to hug my brother and sister-in-love, to see the joy in their faces, to hear the sweet sounds of the little baby girl, to smell the heavenly scent of a newborn again. And yet, I'd like to be miles from here in the opposite direction, where I'd hold my friend and we'd cry. Hopes crushed, empty arms aching, little boys and a daddy saddened that one will be missing. And yet we have hope...our God is good. Know what my friend said when I told her my brother and sister were on their way to the hospital?..."Tell her I'll pray with every cramp I have." ....and she will. That's the kind of person she is.....sometimes I think she's really not made for this world. Things don't matter to her...people always do. She and my sister share a bond; they both know what it feels like to have empty arms. I've never experienced the pain of a little life lost. The only pain I feel now is of arms outstretched, reaching, longing to touch those that I love.

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Gumbo Lily said...

What a special friend.
And you too, Renee.