Monday, February 12, 2007

A year ago

Amazing! I can remember reading the verse that says, "Life is just a vapor, which quickly vanisheth away." and thinking that only God looked at it that way. But I'm beginning to realize that the years are passing like a vapor. My sweet baby is far from an infant. I won't call him a toddler yet just because he MUST still be my baby. Let's not make him any bigger than he has to be.

It was just two years ago that I joyfully realized God had answered my years of prayer and I would be having another baby! I can vividly remember, as if yesterday, the prayers I prayed for this child, the peace God gave me when I was put on bed rest, and the certainty that this child was called of God. I still believe this by faith, there's no doubt there! I still weep as I pray for God to work in his little heart, even now!

It's amazing what little ones absorb from their environment! Today Zeke took a little New Testament and as he flipped through the pages he sang in his sweet little voice, on and on. It wasn't long and he was "preaching" to us. Oh, what a joy! What a blessing to have this gift straight from the hand of God. I'm so unworthy of this honor! I'm so grateful for the grace God pours out on my parenting, for His forgiveness and for the ever trusting hearts of little children!

I think I'll go watch him sleep! There's nothing prettier than a baby sleeping, unless it's their smile greeting me in the morning.
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Rabbit said...

What a darling baby. :) The days fly past, don't they?