Friday, April 20, 2007

A Proud Little Farmer

Tonight we are going to eat of the fruit of my son's labor! Awww...and he is proud. I love gardening and it is now a double joy to enjoy this hobby with my children!

Micah's first harvest happened to be Icicle Radishes which I must say are absolutely delicious. But to be fair I should mention that anything grown from your own hands seems to be just a tad sweeter!

We'll be eating the beautiful white gems over a bowl of mixed baby greens. I'm sure the children will all enjoy their salad just a bit more than they normally would.

We don't formally do gardening for any of our school work but we certainly could count it! Just think of all the subjects it could cover!

So, there you go....allowing your children to garden won't just pay off financially, and physically, it will also pay of educationally (and I even believe Spiritually, I love visiting with Jesus as I garden! I think of all the teaching in which Jesus referred to nature.).

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Mommy said...

What fun to eat your own home grown veggies! Sounds yummy. :) Glad your son enjoyed the fruit of his labor. :)

Leslie said...

Those radishes are beautiful! And I love seeing the pictures of your children. They are adorable!


Gumbo Lily said...

Yummy radishes! I can't wait 'til we have some. What a great project. Gardening teaches so many lessons. Have fun!