Wednesday, February 13, 2008

President Abraham Lincoln's Birthday

I don't seem to ever tire of reading stories to the children about Abraham Lincoln. And they are always eager to listen. To celebrate Abe's birthday we read some picture books about this great man and also read an illustrated version of The Gettysburg Address by Michael McCurdy.

The pictures in this book really make it come to life and it would be an effortless way to memorize this great speech.

In the book Heroes of the Civil War Abraham Lincoln by Susan Dye Lee an incident is related that I don't recall ever hearing. Abe becomes a lawyer and turns out to be quite the clever lawyer.
"In one case, a rich man asked Abe to get $2.50 owed to him by a poor man. Abe took the case for $10. Then he went to the poor man and gave him $5. The poor man then paid the rich man and had $2.50 left over. The rich man was happy, and Lincoln made $5."

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