Friday, September 15, 2006

Have you been to the library this week?

We love the library!!!

We check out tons of books each week. We also check out family friendly movies and educational DVDs. I also love the books on CD. We spend alot of time in the car listening to books on CD. We've recently enjoyed Stories of the Pilgrims and 1776.

We've saved hundreds of dollars throughout the years just by using our library!

Visit Biblical Womanhood for more fun ideas on saving!
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Tammy said...

I LOVE the library! I love books, reading, crafts, cooking, etc. and I get most of my books from the library. Of course, you have to get the books BACK to the library, or otherwise you have a fine (mine's at $2.85 right now, argh). I make copies of projects/recipes if I know it is something I want to make, but I won't be able to make in the time I have the book checked out of the library. I need to stop by the library, because I have a book that is on hold for me. :-)

kidslovevacations said...
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kidslovevacations said...

Like Tammy, I visit the libary too, with my kids. Borrowing save me from buying books for my kids. In Singapore, late payment charges are $0.05 per book per day. We have 3 weeks to finish our books