Friday, June 22, 2007

Off to the Beach

The title of the post makes it sound as though we'll be on the sand in minutes. We leave in the morning but it will take us two days before we get to our destination~a quiet spot, a "natural" part of Florida. That's what we are hoping for anyway and that's what we've been told.

After hours of trying to find any type of lodging that would take four children and their parents, I was beginning to wonder if we wouldn't have to camp in a tent. ( I wonder if they limit your children at a campsite, too?!) But I knew the Lord would have a perfect place for us. And I think we found it! It's a house right on the beach in an out of the way sort of place. We are really, really looking forward to relaxing and playing for a few days!

Then it will be off to my little brother's wedding where I hope to be able to get my whole family presentable looking all at one time! :) Tim will be a groomsman, Nathan an usher, Micah and Kiersten are the ring-bearer and flower girl and Tim and I will be singing "Yours Forever". I'm looking forward to seeing April and Justin's apartment, church, and friends and family. It will be an exciting time!

The week after we get back my parents will be having a reception for them here. They'll honeymoon for a week and then we'll get to see them again for a few days! There will be more family and friends coming in and so it will be time for even more fun! Isn't that how summer is? One fun happening after another until Fall comes and it's time to slow down and play in the leaves!

Right now in between packing and cleaning and planning, I'm anxiously waiting for the UPS truck to arrive with my new camera that my best friend ordered for me (for those of you who don't know my best friend is Tim, my husband!). I've even dreamed about it! :) So....hopefully, I'll get some really good pics of our trip that I can share when I get home.

Goodbye for now...............


Michele said...

Sounds like a wonderful adventure. Enjoy!


Gumbo Lily said...

Yippee! There's nothing like lounging around on the beach. And a wedding and family get-togethers sound like so much fun. Enjoy your vacation.

Diana said...

Looking forward to pictures. We go in September and it's a relaxing time sitting on the porch reading and knitting and the long walks on the beach. Hope you're having a great time!