Monday, July 02, 2007


I love this place we call home! And it is so good to be back to our humble abode. Truly, to my children the first days at home are as exciting as all the happenings while we were away. We got in around midnight and so didn't do much Saturday night but fall into bed.

But Sunday morning we had a blast! :) It was raining but that didn't stop Nathan from checking all the animals, and grabbing some fresh produce from the garden. Then we noticed that Kiersten's butterfly had hatched from it's cocoon. Out came the field guides to see if our identification of the caterpillar had been correct. And it was! During this whole process everyone is talking at once, laughing and just plain excited.

A few minutes later Nathan comes in thrilled to death that he had caught a field mouse/rat in a live trap in our shed. He proceeds to bring it in to show all of us. Kiersten loves it and wants to keep it as a pet. The rat is currently enjoying cat food. Lest you are concerned, IT WILL NOT BE A PET!

Our gardens looked like a jungle! They had grown so much and the beds are filled to overflowing! The beauty of the beach is amazing and fills me with awe but my gardens are a place just as enchanting! How I love that little plot of ground. Truly, it is one of my favorites places in all of the world. The gifts God has given me in that little spot never cease to inspire me!

Who was it that wrote about the importance of going away so that your senses are sharpened when you return to the ordinary? Can't remember but it's true!

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