Friday, January 04, 2008

The Current "Stack"

I tend to always have a "stack" going beside my side of the bed. The "stack" includes articles I've printed off of the computer, magazines I plan to peruse, and books, always books!

I'm currently reading The Excellent Wife by Martha Peace, Shop, Save, and Share by Ellie Kay and the book of II Samuel. Yesterday I picked up three new to me books at the library that I hope to be able to read or at least glean some information from them. I've been waiting for The New Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain by Betty Edwards. Our children's librarian is an amazing artist and this book comes highly recommended by her. I hope there are parts of this book that I can share with my children. I also happened to notice The Perricone Promise Look Younger, Live Longer, in Three Easy Steps by Nicholas Perricone, M.D.. We'll see what I think of this book. And the third book I picked up was The Book of Stillmeadow by Gladys Taber. I'm looking forward to lazily reading through this little journal of sorts. I picked it up because I always pay attention to book recommendation from my friend Gumbo Lily! (I've never met her in person but she's been my homeschool mentor for the past 7 years!)

I'm off now to enjoy some reading aloud time with the kids! I hope I will ALWAYS have someone who wants me to read to them!

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Shelley said...

I hope you enjoy The Book of Stillmeadow. Anything by Gladys Taber is a blessing. Your friend Lily recommended a good one!! :o) If you get a chance, stop by this website -

It's a site devoted to Gladys Taber. We're a pretty friendly group and I think you might enjoy it.

Best, Shelley