Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Quote from Gladys Taber

I'm thoroughly enjoying The Book of Stillmeadow by Gladys Taber. I find it to be a very relaxing read. I usually read a few pages after I crawl into bed for the night. I really like this paragraph and especially the part that is in italics.

As for the actual physical components of a home, they can be very simple. It is how they are put together that gives them charm. Color, for instance, is not expensive. A room can be warm with daffodil yellow, or cool and quiet with apple green, or poetic with blue, whether the curtains be cotton or satin. It is much better, it seems to me, to make something of what we have and can afford, than to yearn for something more expensive and fashionable.

Isn't that a wise attitude?! I am so blessed already and when I am content in my heart, I feel so rich! I love the feeling, usually felt when I come home from grocery shopping and my cupboards and counters are filled with delicious, whole, and healthful foods. I feel it when all of our family is home together cuddled up reading a good book or outside working together on some project. I feel it when I get to play in the rich, brown dirt in my little gardens. And I feel it when all the sheets are freshly laundered and back on the beds.

All pretty simple things, aren't they?!


Shelley said...

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Best, Shelley

Storybook Woods said...

Isn't Gladys books wonderufl I am also part of a GT group

Love Clarice

Gumbo Lily said...

Gladys Taber fan here too! Simple is best.