Friday, January 04, 2008

Picture Books

I picked up George Washington's Breakfast by Jean Fritz at the library yesterday. It's a brand new book to our library and therefore it's all shiny and perfect looking but in reality it was published in 1969. As we all gathered around for our read aloud time, Nathan said, "Oh, it's a Jean Fritz book, it'll be good!" Don't you just love it when your children recognize and love certain authors?! It's a good feeling knowing my children are making "friends" with books. Nathan has certain books that he tells me will be "required reading" for his children.

And so today we recommend to you George Washington's Breakfast!

We also enjoyed The Farewell Symphony by Anna Harwell Celenza, another new book to our library. The author explains that the story is true and the characters really did exist. You will meet Prince Nicholas, Haydn, Tomasini, and the other musicians. A CD of Symphony No. 45 "Farewell" (in F-sharp minor) is included with the book. What a fun way to learn!

I'm so glad to back into our school routine. Breaks are always welcomed but I'm always ready to be back into our normal routine. I'm off to play some math games now.

Edit: Micah just found George Washington's Breakfast on our shelves! :) It's not a sign that we have too many books, is it? Or that I'm getting very forgetful?

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