Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Stretching those kitchen dollars

I really enjoyed this post at Bread and Roses. It's packed full of great advice on getting the most for your dollar in the kitchen and you will be living "richly" if you follow her advice.

I found the above blog through Gumbo Lily, who I always enjoying reading. If you visit Gumbo Lily, check out the photo of the deer in her header!!! Jody took that picture while she was out on her daily walk. Amazing, isn't it?! Zeke and I were very impressed!

I recently stretched our dollars by making strawberry syrup for our puffed pancake. We were out of agave nectar and maple syrup has been scarce around here. I had frozen strawberries on hand for smoothies. Making the syrup was so easy and is such a treat!

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Dulce Domum said...

Hi Bessie
Thank you for linking to me. I reckon your puffed pancake is the same as our Yorkshire Pudding! The strawberry syrup looks lovely.