Saturday, March 17, 2007

Marriage To a Difficult Man

I am loving this book~Marriage To a Difficult Man-The Uncommon Union of Jonathan and Sarah Edwards by Elisabeth D. Dodds. I love Sarah and I'm not even finished with chapter 4! Her life is inspiring me!

Just listen to this paragraph from Chapter 3, Yes, Yours, My Love Is the Right Human Face:
"Actually the Edwardses lived frugally, but it was instinctive with Sarah to do ordinary tasks with flair. She was the kind of woman who took the trouble to tie her hair with a ribbon for breakfast when many wives came down tousled; who spent an extra minute to stamp a design on a block of home-churned butter; who knew how to give a flourish to simple dishes with parsley, spearmint, or sage, all grown in a square of herbs by the kitchen door; who, when she had a bowl of peas to shell, would take it out into the sunshine in the garden. She put in day lilies, holly hocks, pansies, pinks....Wallpaper wasn't used until 1740 in the colonies, but New Haven had been one of the first towns to use plaster on interiors, so it is possible that Sarah had brought up with her the trick of mixing clay and water to make soft gray walls."

I'm currently borrowing this book from Kari's library at Healed Waters. She must be such a generous lady to freely mail out her books to anyone that requests them! I'll be looking to purchase this book! I want to underline and highlight and read this to my children!

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