Monday, April 28, 2008

Neuro Toxin

This past weekend I was blessed to attend a great homeschool conference. I hadn't planned to attend until I saw that a lady who works with children with certain learning difficulties would be speaking. I was able to meet her before I heard her speak and we hit it off right away. There were so many subjects we both passionately care about: living foods, raw milk, cultured foods, harm from plastics, great farm raised meats, EFA, organic products, chemical free home and body care, gardening and most of all children. Children, who we believe, have been affected by this toxic world that we live in.

In a session she taught titled "Reading and the Brain: The Neurology of Learning Disabilities and What You Can Do About It" she was asked about diet and if it mattered. She emphatically shared with the audience that she did and recommended a couple books. Then she pleaded, "Please, please, please, stay away from sugar! It is a Neoro Toxin, not a traditional part of our diets." That was all. She didn't preach. She didn't rant and rage. She just pleaded with a large group of parents to not feed their children what she believes is poison. Oh, and then she shared that she believed it to be more addictive than heroine. We really wouldn't know though, would we, since most of us rarely stay away from it for any amount of time. I'd bet the majority of Americans eat sugar every day!

This stuck with me. I want what is best for my children. There are many things in this world that I have no control over but I can limit our sugar intake and I'm going to be much more vigilant about it. I don't plan to feel deprived, either. There are a ton of foods that we'll enjoy on this journey to a more natural, poison-free diet.

I wrote this mostly for my sake, I will need the reminder!


troubling stars said...

I just read an article sent out by the Fly Lady nutritionist that said the same things about sugar. I am mostly a vegetarian who sometimes eats organic meat, and I focus on whole grains and fresh veggies, but I think I am also a sugar addict, and have now decided that I need to seriously reform that part of my and my families diets! Thanks for reaffirming that and convicting me of my unhealthy habits.

Susan L said...

Oh, no! I didn't want to read that... not after last night when we had apple fritters! :-)

Seriously, we don't eat sugar most days, but we'll have it once a week (and sometimes twice).

This is interesting, Renee. Everything on your list that you had in common with this woman is important to me, too. I'm taking you seriously with this sugar thing.

Have you ever read about sugar and aging (skin glycation)? That's pretty interesting, too. Cosmetics companies are inventing potions to rub on the skin to combat it because, of course(!), we can't just stop eating sugar! :-)

It's interesting, too, that the glycation is a *symptom* of sugar's ravaging effects on the body, but we like to cover up symptoms rather than dealing with causes. And if sugar consumption is manifesting itself that way on the skin, what's it doing to the rest of the body?! Well, just what you said.

Interesting post!