Monday, May 05, 2008

Washing Dishes By Hand

High Desert Home always gives me much to think on! I love her ideas and thoughts on so many subjects. She's able to put into words so many things that I think about. I like her writing style and love getting little peeks into her world. She's always inspired me to enjoy the ordinary, every day aspects of my life. Read this article on housework to get an idea of what I'm talking about.

I have to agree with her concerning the peace and contentment that comes when doing things by hand. Just this evening I enjoyed a leisurely time in my raised beds. I planted some more lettuces, a few tomatoes and peppers, pulled a few weeds and just enjoyed being in my little domain. My husband and son sat on our bench swing and planned the new chicken house and yard. Kiersten followed me around watering everything I planted. Zeke played with all of his tractors nearby and Nathan was practicing riding a wheelie on his bike. Life was good as I played in the dirt. But I digress....

Kiersten's piano teacher wrote a little biography on Kiersten to read at her upcoming recital. She asked Kiersten to list some of her favorite activities. Kiersten didn't have too think to long and she quickly came up with the following list:

sewing (I am ashamed to say I've not taught her much of anything. She sewed on two buttons last week without any assistance. She's working on an apron for her doll.)

crocheting (I don't know how to crochet, although I would love to learn. She's had friends who have shown her some basic stitches-Is that what they are called?-and she is getting much better.)

picking flowers (We are often blessed with wild flowers in a vase, jar, or cup on our table because of Kiersten's love of pretty things!)

buying dishes (For several years now Kiersten has shopped at thrift stores for dishes that she can use for tea parties. She fixes me a cup of tea at least once every day!)

And last but not least she said she likes to~~~

wash dishes by hand

This prompted a lively discussion on the simple joys of washing dishes. I love it when a breeze is wafting through the window as my arms are submerged in the hot, soapy water. I like watching the many birds at the feeder and the bluebirds twittering back and forth as they feed their young, which are housed in the gourd house one of the kids made. I often find myself talking to God and thanking Him for His many blessing on my life. I remember washing dishes with my mom every evening after long days at school. I needed that. We talked over everything that had happened during the day and she helped me to sort it all out. Or she just listened and I felt better.

I hope my little girl can hold on to all the simple joys she now knows. I hope I don't clutter up her life in a way that will crowd out the peace that can come when life is so uncomplicated.


troubling stars said...

I am falling in love with the simple and wholesome pleasure of hand-work also. (Dishes are still growing on me though!)My current guilty pleasure - re reading the Little House on the Prairie books - i know they are written for kids but I love learning about all the aspects of good hard work and farm life that I long for and missed out on growing up in the suburbs. DO you know of any books in that genre for adults?

BessieJoy said...

troubling stars, I love the Little House on the Prairie books, also! Farmer Boy is one of my favorites! What's that quote about any child's book worth reading will be worth reading at any age?!

I can't think of any books for adults that would be along these lines but I'll keep thinking on this and let you know if I come up with anything. I love children's books more all the time!

Thanks for commenting!

Susan L said...

I love the Little House books for the same reason.

I know of a good adult book that is encouraging in this way. I loved the book-- Letters From a Homesteader Woman. Excellent and so much fun to read. The author has a great sense of humor. I was inspired to be a better, more caring, more organized, harder working woman when I read this book.

Oh, and you shared some lovely thoughts, BessieJoy!

Susan :-)

Rosezilla said...

I happened on your blog and like it very much. I am a "graduated" homeschool mom - this is my first year "out of school" after 20 years teaching (and learning from) my kids. I have always loved doing dishes by hand. My career ambition as a little girl was to be a professional dishwasher! I think after all these years, perhaps I accomplished my goal. And we LOVE the Little House books in our family!

Martha said...

For similar self-sufficiency type fiction, check out grace livingston hill books. Wholesome, moves up a decade or so to 1890-1940, prolific writer. Amazon has bunches.