Saturday, June 07, 2008

Happy, Healthy Children

Our local health food store asked if I would write an article about what I thought was important for the health of children. This is really a sad/funny story in a way. I agreed to write the article and had a whole week to do it. But guess what?! I forgot, until the due date! Desperate and panicky are words which describe my mental state when I realized my blunder. I dropped the kids off at their karate class and Zeke and I sat in the car and I wrote like crazy! Thirty minutes later I turned in a hand written copy of the following:

Children who establish positive healthy habits will be equipped to live a healthy life as adults. Parents have a huge impact on these early patterns that are being formed.

Providing whole foods in abundance for my children is a gift I can give them. Whole grains, fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds, along with quality raised meats provide wonderful nutrients for our growing children's bodies. Whole milk products, free of hormones and antibiotics, give our children the fats their brains crave.

A few supplements may also be appropriate. I would consider the benefits of cod liver oil, probiotics, and a whole food multiple vitamin.

Play. Unstructured play. Outdoor play. Children need free time to think their own thoughts and experience nature at their leisure.

Give your children whole foods, extra support through supplements, undisturbed play time, and of course, lots of love and you'll have given them the beginnings of a life of health.

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KatheeMarie said...

Thanks so much for sharing this; I hadn't gotten a copy yet. We talk about food and health all the time at home around the dinner table and know that the boys and our habits will follow them into adulthood.