Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Influance of Attitude

This past year I've become friends with a lady who seems to always be positive in her attitude toward life. I don't mean to say that she portrays her life as being perfect but that she chooses to look at life with joy and hope. Not only is she positive about her own life but she bestows praise freely on those around her. Many times over the past year she has been a breath of fresh air to me. I want to cultivate this characteristic in my own life.

As I was thinking of having a positive attitude I ran across this about teaching reading to a struggling learning and I think it applies to many area of parenting, life, and education:

Limit struggle. Limit failure. Praise success. Keep your energy level high. Keep surprising him. Keep him laughing and giggling. Happy people learn faster. Have fun. He will take his cues about attitude from you. (from Joyce Herzog)


Gumbo Lily said...

I think Joyce Herzog is one of the most practical, positive educators out there. I so appreciate her wisdom.


Susan L said...

This is really good, Renee! I want to always be that way, too. :-)

(My computer won't load the slide show-- drat! But at least I can see those smaller photos.)


KatheeMarie said...

Considering the world we live in, I think we have to make the effort to have this positive attitude (which is wonderfully contagious). I love the "laughing and giggling" part of this quote!! Thanks!

BessieJoy said...

Jody, have you heard Joyce speak in person? She's funny, too! :)

KatheeMarie, did you suspect that I was speaking of you in this post? Well, I was! What a blessing you've been to me this year! And about the "laughing and giggling" part, I probably really need to work on that!