Thursday, February 26, 2009

Arkansas State Capitol

My children and I were blessed this week to be able to visit our beautiful
state Capitol!
Arkansans can be proud of this incredible building that holds so many
symbols of our history!

Beautiful architecture!

Mike Huckabee's Portrait
(our previous Governor)

This sign above both the House and Senate doors.
It was also found in stone monuments on the grounds of the Capitol.

Our Representative, John Burris.
My children prayed this man would be elected and now we pray
for him by name quite often. I was able to share this with him.
He seemed, I'm not sure, maybe surprised, but thankful.
So far there are several things I appreciate about this young man.
Chiefly, he personally responds promptly to any e-mail I send to him.
He has also worked on the new law to make partial birth abortion illegal in Arkansas,
even if our federal government reverses this law.

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Gumbo Lily said...

What a pretty capitol and it's special, I think, when the kids can see it and actually meet the people who represent them.