Tuesday, August 11, 2009

On Captain John Smith....

Our school days have resumed....

As I was reading to the children today I ran across this paragraph that I found to be good advice for any leader. I can apply it to my life.

From the book "This Country of Ours" by H.E. Marshall:
"Many of the unruly sort were glad to see him (John Smith) go, but his old companions with whom he had shared so many dangers and privations were filled with grief. "He ever hated baseness, sloth, pride and indignity," said one of them. "He never allowed more for himself than for his soldiers with him. Upon no danger would he send them where he would not lead them himself. He would never see us want what he either had or could by any means get us. He loved action more than words, and hated falsehood and covetousness worse than death."

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