Monday, May 14, 2007

My Mother's Day Present from my Mom

Oh, it's just wonderful! My mom gave me the book Golden Thoughts of Mother, Home and Heaven compiled by Gene Fedele. I'm already on page 41 and loving it. It's a book I'm certain I will read over and over. We'll do copywork from it and I'm sure I'll share encouragement from it with other mothers.

Here's a couple quotes to let you in on what I've enjoyed so far.

"O mothers! You are the guardians of infancy, the instructors, of childhood, the companions of youth, and the partners of manhood. As are our mothers, so are our homes, our churches, our world." ~ Bishop John Newman

"Were it not for the tenderness, contentment and communion of the home, the whole fabric of society in any generation would disintegrate." ~ Gene Fedele, Editor (Don't you think we see this in our culture today?!)

"Mothers, you are the divinely-appointed teachers and guides of your children, and any attempt to free yourselves from your duty is in direct opposition to the will of God." ~ Anonymous

"When boys know that their society is valued highly at home, and that all its pleasures are marred by their absence, they will willingly stay if they can have something to occupy their time." ~ Anonymous (This sentence followed a couple pages covering the importance of the friendships between mother and child, the listening ear that should always be there from babyhood on up.)

On almost every page there is something that just pops out at me! I highly recommend this book from what I've read so far!

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